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Knowledgebase : Pre-Sales Questions

LAMP means Linux,Apache,MySQL and PHP.Yes,we surrport all of these. offers its Subscriber a 99.9% uptime guarantee for shared hosting, which means shared hosting Subscriber’s website will be up and available at least 99.9% of the time in any given calendar month. will provide Subscriber with a...
No,our setup fees are both free on shared hosting and dedicated hosting.And there is not any hidden costs when you are cooperating with us! 
Of course yes.You can upgrade whenever you want.And the effect will be instant right after the payment have been set up! It is free for you to upgrade your hosting plan.The only one difference is the price between two plans,the one you are now at and the...
We accept Paypal,2CheckOut and Alipay.Via Paypal,2CheckOut or Alipay, we support main credit card such as Visa, Master, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, and Chinese Debit Card.
Of course, you can. Because you upload your documents and modify your files through FTP and your cpanel. 
There is no way to determine the maximum number of visitors your site can sustain. Each site is different and the amount of traffic you can handle will depend on the resources each visitor is using.
It is determined by web hosting you just purchase. makes weekly back-ups for shared hosting solutions in case of server downtime. Such back-ups will only be used when there is something wrong with the server of will...
cPanel Version 11.24+ Apache Version 2.2.+ PHP Version 5.2.+ MySQL Version 5.0.+
The number of accounts on each server is uncertain. It can be adjusted according to the configuration and performance of the server.
Different server has different configuration. All of our servers use Intel Xeon CPU. At present,the CPU we use is Quad Core and this may be improved sequentially with the upgrade of technology in CPU field.
Yes, it’s available. Please feel free to use it.
The maximum uploading capacity is 50M each time. By the way, you should use gzip style to upload if you plan to use compressed files.
Yes, we have installed it on some servers up to now since many subscribers need such feature. I’d like to let you know all of HostEase servers support such feature. We can help you install it immediately in the event that your server hasn’t installe...
Yes, our server supports it. Please feel free to use it.
Sorry. I’m afraid it’s not allowed on our server.
Sorry. I’m afraid it’s not allowed on our server.
The average level is 5%. Please feel free to enjoy it. But make sure you don’t abuse the server resource and affect other users on the server.
Yes, we support it.
HostEase supports sqlite, sqlite2 and MySQL PDO drivers.
For each shared web hosting database user, the maximum concurrent connection is 50. The service will not be available temporarily if the concurrent connection number is more that this.
You can host unlimited websites if you purchase basic and business package of shared web hosting. But for blog hosting, you’re only allowed to host one root domain.
The current version of PHP on most servers is PHP 5.2.9. And the version of Zend Optimizer is v3.3.9.
Dedicated server means the subscriber independently rents a server for his website to visit or provides his own service. Compared to shared web hosting, you needn’t worry about the CPU limit. And you can have the root permission which is the highest p...
I'm sorry to tell you that we don't support or asp currently. I think PHP is also a good choice. It’s the best choice on Linux server.
I am sorry to tell you that we don't provide reseller plan at present. But maybe we’ll have such plan later. Please keep an eye on our updates. Thank you.
It means you can enjoy a free domain if you buy any package of our hosting for at least one year. Then you needn't pay for the domain name as long as you keep using the hosting. offers its Subscriber a 99.9% uptime guarantee for shared hosting, which means that shared hosting Subscriber’s website will be up and available at least 99.9% of the time in any given calendar month. 
Yes, Joomla, Wordpress and many other popular Content Management and Blogging systems are supported on our server because they are all PHP and MySQL based which are installed by default on our servers.
Windows and Linux are two different operating systems. Linux is more efficient and more secure than Windows. Linux is the preferred choice unless you have websites which need a Windows server. Windows Applications which require a Windows server are as f...
After registering a new account in, you will find a confirmation link sent by in your email box. Please activate it and then your account will work.
Well, don't worry about that, you may cancel your account anytime and receive a prorated refund if it’s allowed according to the terms of service. If you cancel within the first month you will receive a full refund for some service. 
If you purchase HostEase business hosting for at least one year, you will enjoy the SSL certificate for free. We will help you install it without any additional charge. But firstly make sure that you have submitted your application to support department...