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Knowledgebase : Dedicated IP
Compared to the shared IP address of a server, a dedicated IP is a unique IP address dedicated to a single hosting account. Normally, several accounts share the shared IP on the server. However, the dedicated IP should be only used by one account.
First, a dedicated IP will differ your site's IP address from other accounts on the server. That is, your sites will not be affected due to the special IP block in one country or area caused by sites' illegal activity under that IP. Second,for HostEase us...
If you want to apply a dedicated IP from HostEase, you should firstly have a web hosting here. Then you should apply a SSL certificate if you want a dedicated IP address. After you apply the SSL certificate, we'll assign a dedicated IP to you and you can ...
I'm sorry but both the SSL certificate and dedicated IP are not refundable. 
Sorry but it's not allowed to change a dedicated IP here for you.