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How to make a stronger password?
Posted by hostease on 25 July 2009 06:01 PM
The definition of a good password is hard to guess but easy to remember.Use a name or telephone number as a password ,it is very easy for a hachers to guess.

A good password will contain four parts: least two captial letters least one lower-case letter least one number least two symbols

It is a common risk to write down your password.Maybe imaging a password is very difficult to guess ,but it is also very difficult to remember.

The following step is tell you how to creat a great password.
1.Start with a simple word at least six letters. For example hostease
2.Change two letters to symbols that looks similar.Use $for s ,@ for a ,then it becomes ho$te@se
3.Change a letter to a number that looks similar.Use 1 for l,0 for o and so on h0$e@se
4.Include two capital letters, like this H0$e@se

Now the password is easy to remember but hard to guess. It is very useful to make a few different password and reuse them for different sites . Be careful to reuse your most important password. 
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